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(a) No person shall drive any motor vehicle on the Saint Paul airstrip, runway, apron or ramp, other than City employees engaged in the transporting of persons, mail supplies or freight to or from an airplane, or the National Marine Fisheries Service representative in charge, or his designee, performing airport inspection or maintenance. During aircraft operations, any other persons having a need to drive a motor vehicle on any part of the airstrip, runway, apron or ramp must obtain permission from the City Airport Manager. A person not falling within these exceptions who drives a motor vehicle on the airstrip, runway, apron, ramp or other restricted areas as posted is, upon conviction, guilty of a City offense and is punishable as set forth in CCO 9.05.020.

(b) This section is in accordance with and will not supersede any memorandum of agreement between the National Marine Fisheries Service and the City of Saint Paul.

Revised May 1981 [Code 1979 § 8.14.]